Thursday, 4 April 2013

Live CV

Orsolya Hegedus


Key strengths:

  • Experience in Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Advanced), Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Advanced), Adobe Flash CS5 (Advanced), Dreamweaver CS5 (Advanced), Adobe InDesign CS5 (Advanced), Adobe Fireworks CS5 (Beginner), Adobe After Effects (Beginner) and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Good eye for detail
  • Creative problem solving and quick learning ability
  • Flexible attitude and commitment to working until job is finished


University of Winchester, Faculty of Arts,                                                 2010 - 2013
BA (Hons) Digital Media Design        

Year 3

In the first semester in our Negotiated Learning Task 1 module we were asked to work with an industrial partner on a project.
As my NLT1 I designed the branding and created a website for a Hungarian company, DT Sound, who sell unique high-end loudspeakers. They were only advertised by word of mouth so they asked me to help them promote the company and their products. The website is finished and live.

Thanks to this project I developed my Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver skills, plus I also understand HTML better. I also had the opportunity to practise my design skills and how to prepare and manage a project.

In the second semester as my Negotiated Learning Task 2, I created a website for a Chinese restaurant in Spain. The site is not live yet, it’s waiting for a domain name and host.
This project helped me to enhance my Photoshop skills.

In the Critical Voice module as topic for my dissertation I chose digital art and how it is being incorporated to the web.

Year 2

In Year 2 I had to write a detailed case study of a chosen digital media industry. The topic of my study was Freelancing vs Employment.

In Enterprise Studies module we had to work in groups and write a Business Plan. My group wrote a plan for a genealogical research company which we named Geenetree.

In Semester 1 our first project was to design the visual assets for a Flash-based game. My partner and I did a 2D, side scrolling platform game for children called Element X.

The second project was to create a marketing Video promo for the course composed of interviews with students and lecturers, “intro and credits” graphics, music, adaptation and enhancement of End of Year Show reel material.

In Semester 2 we were asked to design two animated Christmas cards for the University of Winchester. My first design was angels flying. My other design was the shape of the Cathedral decorated with Christmas lights which twinkle rhythmically on Ave Maria.

In our second project we were tasked to do a viral campaign for the INTECH Science Centre & Planetarium. I was in charge of creating an E-flyer, an e-shot and a newsletter for them.

Year 1

In Semester 1 our task was to design and build a website for our cohort.

In Semester 2 we had to design a playful educational game for children. My group designed the game “Space Expeditions” which is about the solar system and space.
Another project I did was in helping to create a prototype of a mobile device. The brief was to design a visual prototype of it and an interface design of an application running on it. My job was to design the logo of the app.
In our third project we were given the opportunity to explore interactive systems which are being used for displaying information and ideas to an audience.
We had to develop a scheme that offers visitors of Winchester Cathedral an exciting experience.  Our exhibit was a 3D remodelling with AR tag about how the Old Minster Cathedral looked like.

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